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Don't look any further for a wolfpack to join. American Wolves is your family! Our lone gold wolf necklace will carry our strength anytime you need us!

  • Wolf necklace
  • Material: metal & stainless steel
  • Chain type: link chain 
  • Color: gold
  • Chain length: 17-inch / 45cm 
  • Pendant size: 1x1-inch / 3x3cm

This wolf necklace is also available in Silver.

Wolf Necklace

If one thinks of wolf jewellery, a wolf necklace is the very first thing comes to mind. Aside from just being a gorgeous and stylish
decoration, a necklace can serve many functions! Before you decide that wolf necklace is the one for you, there are a couple
things you should know about necklaces very first.

Necklace, choker, pendant, plus chain?

Necklace is probably the most common and standard name for this, however, neck attachments may have a number of names. So:
necklace, choker, pendant, chain -- are they different?

Necklace: Basically anything with a rope, rope, chain or lace worn around the neck is thought to be a necklace. There are numerous
types and styles of necklaces, and they can be adorned with beads, diamonds, pearls, gems, etc.. A necklace is made of several
materials, including gold, silver, etc.. The purpose of a necklace would be to bring focus on the wearer's face.

Choker: A choker is a style of necklace that wraps tightly around the neck. A choker may be a bit loose or skin-tight to permit
room to breathe and prevent marks. Regardless of how tight it is, even a choker creates a half-circle around one's neck and torso
rather than a U-shape or even V-shape just like a normal necklace. Chokers have been popularized in the form of black cloth.

Pendant: The word"pendant" stems from the Latin and Old French language, so"to hang ". In other words, a pendant is the object
that hangs from the chain of the necklace. A pendant may take dimensions and almost any shape possible. It is normal to have just
one pendant per chain, however some designs incorporate several pendants in one chain in order to add complexity. Pendants are
intended to create more meaning to the necklace -- cultural, historical, emotional or some other significance. As opposed to just
attract attention to a own face, a pendant on your necklace can help reflect a piece of your personality.

Chain: The chain will be... well, the chain part of the necklace! Chains can be produced from a number of distinct materials:
metal, cloth, rope, and steel etc.. Duration and the material of this chain have a significant impact on the way you are feeling
when you put on your necklace.

These are the several unique kinds of chains: anchor chains, bead chains, box chains, byzantine chains, cable chains, curb or
Cuban chains, figaro chains, center chains, ceramic necklace, popcorn chains, rope chains, Singapore chains, snake chains, wheat

Which wolf necklace style and length should you use?

Ideally for an long-lasting and expensive bit of jewelry, you would rather get the length fitted for you. If you're not yet, worry
not because American Wolves have ready a listing of necklace lengths to you:

How can I design my pendant wolf necklace?

In case you've decided on which pendant talks to you the very best, then you would should learn how to stone that necklace and
show a bit of your personality. The next measures are recommended when determining what to wear with your necklace.

Pendant out a T-shirt: that might be the look. You can't ever look awful in a casual T-shirt and pendant necklace. This look is a
timeless, developing a feeling that is slick and simple.

Pendant with a turtleneck: You'd like to use whatever with collars or lengthy necks as you may have to conceal your wolf necklace?
Wrong! Turtlenecks create the canvas to highlight your pendant necklace.

Pendant using a V-neck: Should you want showcasing your pendant wolf necklace skin, opt for a V-neck instead. Just make sure the
pendant hangs shorter than the cut of this V-neck for the best look!

Some other hints when rocking a beautiful wolf pendant necklace:

Maintain accessories that are other minimal: You do not wish to have too many distractions as your own pendant is the major
attraction. If you would still like to wear accessories, pick the ones that are smaller and less noticeable compared to the
pendant to match the principal piece.

Pair pendant necklace with briefer necklaces: Doubling on necklaces can be an interesting look. You can wear a solid choker over
the wolf pendant necklace to match it
Wearing a number of pendants: In case you want a busier look, multiple pendants (at various lengths) may create a more interesting

Now that you've heard so much about necklaces, have a browse through our set of wolf necklaces under and select one that joins
with you!

The different types of chain for your wolf necklace

Anchor chain

A fan of the nautical world? This chain is exceptional and was inspired by the chains attached to the anchorsyou understand the
source of this name chosen for its chain. It's a necklace and created for anyone who loves the sea, you'll have the perfect fit
for the sailor soul.

Anodised Chain

The Anodised chain has experienced a method of coating with electrolysis to give decorative oxide touch and also a protective
coating and look. This process generates a guaranteed finished appearance that resists exposure, rust, and abrasion. The selected
source that is most common is metal aluminum. It will make a difficult layer for the chain and you are able to finish it off with
a color of your choice with natural dyes or some other kinds of pigments that consumed and seals into the layers.

Puffed mariner chain

You will discover a variety of widths as soon as it comes to the mariner chain. Thicker chains are somewhat popular and much more
acceptable for guys, while girls choose much more committed and smaller ones. The design of the chain is composed of ovals giving
it a very intriguing and distinct look. Mariner chains were horizontal, but a new trend is your puffed mariner chain. The mariner
chain can be used as a stand-alone attachment while widths may be paired with a pendant for an eye-catching appearance.

Ball / Bead Chain

Composed of beads that are connected together to make a chain the ball or bead chain could be attached quite close together or
possess spaces between them to permit some movement. A statement isn't made by them independently that it's a fantastic idea to
put in a pendant to the chain to create the necklace completely stick out. Remember this kind of chain is fragile and will break
easily. It comes in various lengths, designs, and colours to make it fun. If you love minimalism and maintaining it light this
would be the best option for you.

Box Chain

Do you adore geometric? This necklace is made for youpersonally. It's simplicity made of links, rather than rounds, they are
attached together to make a smooth chain. It' appearance is classical and does not easily break. You can pick the duration and
assortment of widths based on your taste and also to suit your appearance. It is remarkably popular among men and women. You may
use it by itself or include a necklace pendant.

Cable Chain

If you want it simple but with a traditional look, this necklace can fit you perfectly. Not only is it a minimal layout . however,
it will match perfectly with any pendant of your choice. The cable chain is amongst the most frequent but also very essential sort
of necklaces. The chain is constructed of individual oval links interlocked into a pattern, every link is lying to the next. Its
design has been utilized for centuries for functions, to creating delicate and small pieces of jewellery from anchoring boats.

Curb chain

Popular among men but not excluding girls because of aesthetic and its signature, the suppress chain may be the necklace you have
been on the lookout for. Heavy, chunky but also comes in a bigger and skinnier design for a feminine and delicate look. Pairing
with any pendant, you may fall instantly in love with your necklace. Don't worry if you don't have some pendant, this necklace
doesn't need one to make a statement. Ranging from a few centimeters up to a few millimeters it has the greatest assortment of
widths. Its timeless design was a choice. The chain is designed with oval links which were twisted and often diamond-cut so they
lay level even while interlocked or variants of either sized.

Figaro Chain

Aside from Italy, this necklace comes with a very simple look but elaborate. The plan is made up of an alternating design of links
in distinct sizes. The pattern includes a long link followed by two or three shorter connections. It is the perfect balance
between female and masculine aesthetic making it an ideal necklace.

Rope Chain

Twisted strands of chain spiraled together to make this necklace strong but give it a unique look. Perfect as a statement bit but
a pendant will fit with this necklace if you opt to get a thinner model. Popular for men and women, the texture of it reflects
from various angles. Whether thick or thin it might suit anyone searching for a solid necklace.

The Singapore Chain

If you're interested in finding a necklace to wear every day this is the one! Paired with any pendant it's sleek and classic.
Constructed with a collection of segments that were interlinked to form a diamond shape, when extending out it is a beautiful and
twisted open chain. It has a liquid touch with it and regardless of its breadth, it stays really elegant.

Wolf Symbol

Not, the wolf is now a warrior and a teacher. He also represents fidelity and loyalty since he resides in a bunch and remains
faithful to his companion all his life.

The wolf:

  • Teaches spiritual knowledge
  • Guide in dreams and meditations
  • Combines instinct (or intuition) and intelligence
  • Symbolizes social and family values
  • Personal and family protection
  • Fool the enemy, conquer the opponent.
  • Goes easily unnoticed
  • Adapts easily to change
  • Represents stability, tenacity of personality, incorruptibility
  • Courage, Dignity, Freedom
  • Symbolizes death and rebirth
  • Intervenes during significant cycle fluctuations
Since the dawn of time, men have fascinated. Feared and respected, he populates societies' creativity. Action and its existence
from mythical and contemporary stories testify to its importance.

Each of the civilizations of the northern hemisphere of the Earth have known the rich tradition of the wolf. The ancient cave
wolf, the Germanic Fenrir, the Roman she-wolf, the"brother wolf" dear to Saint Francis of Assisi, the Beast of Gévaudan along with
the wolf at children's tales pertain to the symbolic permanence of Lupus throughout time and space.

A creature that's both positive and negative, a mediator at direct connection with the afterlifethe wolf was also the incarnation
of mild from China, Northern Europe, and Greece.

Nowadays , a brand new relationship is growing that's reminiscent of pre-Christian occasions in Europe or even of multi-millennial

The wolf reflects constant creation, but the dark forces have preferred the eagle, the protagonist has been discovered in a
multitude of national symbols, such as flags. When a civilization appropriates this eagle's symbol - originally shamanic -, its
collapse is close. Past history is populated by many examples and will soon be in the future.

Symbol of the warrior function among Indians and Indo-Europeans, but in addition the celestial promoter of chiefs, dynasties, and
individuals in Central Asia, that the wolf had the job of observing over Creation, its"good maintenance" and, finally, its
inevitable destruction when it became obsolete, thus contributing to its regular regeneration.


That's why the wolf intervenes when bicycles alter.

The wolf was called a demonic monster by Christianity, which produced this mild animal the sign of debauchery, wickedness, and
also potency hostile to the religion of this (trapped) believer. The wolf became their shamans, who would take its kind and
understand its language's fetish animal. Ever since then, he has been the"big bad wolf" in the tales, fables, and legends of the
countryside and in children's literature, composed largely - and shamefully - inspired by Christianity (these tales, fables, and
legends are reminiscent of St. George and the dragon). St. George kills the dragon - the guardian of the threshold, instead of
taming it and making an ally of it).

Bearer of strength and mystery, the wolf is a beast of electricity. It is connected by an ambiguous sophistication to guy, that,
although fearing it, observes it with wonder. Because to the wolf's ferocity corresponds to this violence proper to every human

The wolf is equally ferocious but not aggressive. It is content to watch. He analyzes and integrates the dark side of the human
being. This integration is vital and the wolf is the symbol of individual awakening. The wolf intervenes only when the scenario is
deadlocked (in look ).

The wolf - as in the film"Wolfen". (based on a book by Whitley Strieber) - regenerates the entire world, reclaims the shattered
and shattered living space, tears the veil between the dimensions and attempts to make humans understand the real meaning of their

The Wolf is the symbol of Individual Awakening.

The wolf is an animal with a rather powerful symbolism: frequently represented as wild and ferocious, additionally, it embodies
fertility or debauchery.

As a symbol, the wolf has been"synonymous with savagery", endowed with a strength that is hard to include, while the she-wolf
occasionally reflects"debauchery".

In Rome, Romulus and Remus' she-wolf is connected with fertility. This vision can be found in Anatolia or at the area of

In Greco-Latin mythology, the wolf symbolizes savagery, in the guise of the she-wolf of Mormoliceus, nurse of Acheron. Even the
wolf-skin mantle of Hades, grasp of the underworld, and also the transformations of both sorcerers into wolves during the Middle
Ages are symbols of the.

The wolf can also be portrayed as a devourer: quail in the Rig-Veda (a sacred Indian group ) or stars in Greek mythology.
It is also a sign of bravery: the valiant Genghis Khan and also Atatürk were in comparison to wolves.

The wolf is a powerful totem animal, linked to family, security but above all to the liberty of soul. If your totem animal is the
wolf, this guide will tell you more about its characteristics and also the significance of the wolf.

Who's the Wolf?

The prince suffers from a reputation as a dangerous animal, a error when a person knows the features of a protective and loyal
animal. From the Middle Ages, also with the advent of Christianity, the importance of the wolf was demonized, because of its
status as a excellent predator. In reality, the wolf is not frequently dangerous to humans and may live peacefully with the other
inhabitants of the forest. Although only wolves are common, they most often reside in very hierarchical packs, and whose rules are
codified. The pack raises cubs that grow up surrounded by adult wolves.

Frequently feared by people, the wolf is in reality normally uninterested in humans. He will prefer to avoid them as opposed to
attack themexcept when provoked. The wolf is. But contrary to what you may believe, the wolf is a very altruistic animal and
protector of his family. Far from being competitive, nevertheless, it remains a symbol of that which can't be enslaved. The wolf
would rather endure than simply lose its liberty. Whenever your totem animal is the wolf, then you, so, have a tendency to be very

Having the wolf

The wolf is now the twelfth totem spirit in the wheel of existence of this Native American shamans. It generally corresponds to
the indication of Pisces in astrology. In shamanism, it's considered the last of the cycle, the one that breaks conventions. The
significance of the animal totem of this wolf is, hence, the end of a cycle and renewal. By not filing the wolf gets it possible
to find new territories and new traditions.

In shamanism, each totem animal corresponds to crucial qualities and attributes. For its American Indians, the wolf is still
emblematic of devotion, self-sacrifice, however, also of a liberty of spirit. It also has a strong link with the spiritual
universe and is believed to accompany people when they perish. It's an animal with a powerful connection to the spirits. Far from
being a predator of guy, he will, consequently, accompany him on his spiritual journey. If you dream of the wolf as a totem
animal, you will know your spiritual development has begun.

Attributes and significance of this wolf

The significance of a totem animal also called a protective animal, is important. It provides us keys to your own personality.
Here are some characteristics of the wolf for a totem creature:

  • Great attachment to his liberty, will endure rather than discard it...
  • Gregarius, stays very attached to his pack...
  • Great fascination with spirituality, questions reality
  • Quite smart, believes a lot
  • Instinctive, dependent on his own intuition to understand the world .
  • Sometimes emblematic of threat, mistrust in relation to those about them...
  • Likes solitude, though he is quite attached to his bundle.
Far from being a sign of aggressiveness, the wolf for a totem animal actually includes a gentler meaning. An actual protective
animal, it is going to watch over your pack and keep a watchful eye on the risks that threaten it. It will also be your guide when
you wish to embark on a brand new spiritual course, to make sure that you don't get lost in it.


Your wolf profile in Short

Very independent, metaphysical questions are of terrific interest to you. You'll spend part of your daily life questioning
yourself regarding truth and spirituality. You will not let anyone damage your package and will defend it fiercely, In case you
have a family. Your circle is going to be your anchor, and which will allow you to face life serenely.

As you become older, you might, like a lone wolf, choose to isolate yourself to dedicate yourself to your passion (music, art,
love, spirituality...). Be cautious not to do this too soon, or you may suffer from the own isolation. The key issue to consider
is if you allow yourself the time to explore your spirituality, you need to live a life that is rich and stimulating and that
those around you'll have the ability to rely on you.

Which are the spiritual symbols of the wolf?

The wolf, a animal in children's stories, is really a creature with extraordinary abilities. Appreciated and worshipped in Native
American culture, the wolf, as a totemic animal, symbolizes freedom, intelligence, instinct and thirst for freedom. It reflects
fear in addition to a risk because of a lack of self-confidence whereas in other civilizations. What is it like? Here is a review
of the Wolf along with their meanings' symbols.

General presentation of this wolf

The wolf would be a furry four-legged animal, belonging as coyote, fox, the dog or Australian dingo. This is the reason the wolf
is extremely similar to the puppy.

This crazy animal, which comes in many subspecies depending on where it's located in the planet, generally lives in packs.
Consequently, they will have a specific kind of speech which allows them to communicate with their wolves. The wolf utilizes all
its sensations, from smell to hearing and sight, to assess the data it receives and then also adapt its behaviour accordingly. It
should be said that the soldier's howling a part of its language, allow it to collect for the search and especially to indicate
its location. The wolf's howl also serves to guarantee social cohesion and to market the vocal recognition within his bunch of the

The symbolism of the wolf

The wolf has ever represented symbols sometimes positive, sometimes negative, based on cultures and the times.

The wolf frees the soul; it signifies dignity, courage, and liberty. It also represents family and social values. It symbolizes
the warrior function amongst Indo-Europeans and Indians.

Nowadays, individuals with fantastic firmness, tenacity, and strength of character are usually called"wolves", especially if they
represent social success.

Ultimately, it needs to be mentioned that the wolf is very present in myths and legends, as well as in literature.

  • The giant wolves Fenrir, Hati and Skoll out of Scandinavian mythology, are charged respectively to kill most of the gods throughout Ragnarok and also to devour the moon and the sun.
  • In early Rome, toddlers Remus and Romulus, that later became the creators of Rome, could have been raised and fed by a
  • she-wolf.
  • In ancient times, seeing a wolf prior to a battle was a harbinger of success, since the wolf symbolized war and hunting.
  • One of the American Indians the wolf awakens spirit, reincarnation, freedom.
  • The werewolf, a legendary creature: is a human being who turns into a wolf in the entire moon.

Encounter with a wolf

Assembling with a wolf or viewing it may have different meanings which could be positive or negative, based on conditions, beliefs
and cultures.

Of visiting a wolf: the most side that is positive, meaning

In its measurements that are favorable is an animal bearer of puzzle and power, of electricity. In this case, it could indicate
the chance of creating intuition or your instinct to discern the entire world and the people around you.

The wolf, at its positive dimensions, shows your adaptability, your tenacity, and your loyalty. As an animal living in a pack, it
shows your protective character towards your loved ones.

Of seeing a wolf, emblem

N its dimensions, the wolf reflects ferocity and uncontrolled instinct. Consequently, it might represent a risk.

It is also feasible that the wolf, because a danger, shows a lack of confidence in you or in a person. This kind of feeling is
exacerbated whenever you are overly vulnerable or have gone too far with someone or in a given situation. In this case, the wolf
is telling you that it is time to pull together and set the record straight.

What your wolf animal totem means for you

The animal totem wolf carries you back and motivates you to have more confidence in your instinct. This creature, which uses of
its senses to communicate, is well endowed with analytic capability and fantastic intelligence, traits that are important if you
would like to discover or exploit your gifts of clairvoyance.

What exactly the Call of the Wolf signifies

The wolf is extremely near the human. Much like individuals, the wolf has family ties while maintaining his appetite for
individualism. He is as faithful as a puppy, it is his ancestor of 100,000 decades.

Within the wonderful state of stars, the dog's celebrity, Sirius, evokes the wolf. According to a Amerindian legend, it is inside
this celebrity that is located the area of the masters of early times. Within this star, the Egyptians put their gods' home in
early times. The Dogons of Africa still think in this fantasy today. The wolf clan was adopted by the Amerindians . In totem
sticks, the wolf is the emblem of the master.

The wolf is joined to the moon. New ideas are brought by its medicine and promotes the emergence of the energy that resides in
every one of us. The wolf helps the children of the Earth to comprehend life's Wonderful Mystery.

The wolf is synonymous with savagery and also the she-wolf with debauchery. However, the language of logos interprets these
animals of all, as, like every other vector that is symbolic, they are sometimes valued positively as well as negatively.
Favorable seems the symbolism of the wolf if one finds out that it sees during the night. It becomes a sign of light, a mythical
ancestor, a warrior hero. Here is the significance among the Nordic and Greek people where it is attributed to Appollo or Belen.

The Mongolian and Chinese dynasties' inventor is the celestial wolf. His power and ardor in battle make him an allegory that the
Turkish people will perpetuate in history since Mustapha Kemal had obtained the nickname of a wolf out of his followers.

The peoples of the North American prairies appear to have interpreted the symbolic meaning of this animal in the exact same way: I
am the lone wolf, I prowl around in several countries," says a prairie Indian warfare area.

China also understands a celestial wolf (the Sirius star) who is the protector of the Heavenly Palace (the Great Bear). This polar
character is found at the wolf's attribution to the north. However, this protector role gives way as an instance, in some areas of
Japan, it is invoked as a protector against other crazy animals. It evokes an idea of strength that is contained, spending despite

If not chthonian the she-wolf of Remus and Romulus isn't celestial and solar, however earthly. Thus this creature remains
associated with the notion of fecundity.

In Kamchatka, in the yearly October festival, a photo of this wolf in hay is made and kept for a year so that the wolf could wed
the village women; among the Samoyedsa legend was collected to a girl who resides in a cave with a wolf.

This element of the logo constitutes its other face. It appears to remain dominant in European folklore.

It has appeared in Greco-Latin mythology. It's the she-wolf of all Mormoliceus, nurse of the Acheron, whose children are
threatened, just as nowadays we evoke the wonderful evil wolf; it's the wolf-skin cloak with which Hades, master of the
Underworld, is clothed; it is the wolf's ears of the god of death of the Etruscans: it's also based on Diodorus Osiris resurrected
from the form of a wolf to assist his wife and son to defeat his wicked brother.

It is also one of the types given to Zeus to whom human beings were sacrificed in times of agricultural magical, to put a stop
natural rhythms of all types, to droughts. Zeus poured the winds were, directed by the rain, fertilized the areas.

In the vision of the Western Middle Ages, sorcerers often transform themselves into wolves while witches, about the very same
events, wear suspenders, to go to the Sabbath.

Belief in lycanthropes or werewolves has been shown to in Europe since ancient times. It's but one of the elements of faith, one
of the facets supposed from the spirits of the forests.

Scandinavian mythology especially presents the wolf as a celebrity devourer. The wolf, fenrir, is one of those gods' implacable
enemies. Just the magic of this dwarves can prevent him.

Let's see conclusion that this infernal wolf, and especially its female, the incarnation of sexual desire, represents a barrier on
the road of the Muslim pilgrim on his way to Mecca and even more so on the road to Damascus, where it takes about the dimensions
of the monster of the Apocalypse.