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A little history... the wolf hoodie

Appearing in the United States in the 1930s, the hooded sweatshirt, known as "hoodie", was first intended for workers in cold storage warehouses in New York, before becoming the attribute of boxers, such as Mohamed Ali. It is also spread among young high school and college students, who wear it with their institution's logo. Then, in the 1970s, the hip-hop movement took hold of it, and the hoodie became the symbol of gangs. It wasn't until the 1990s that Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger gave it back its "preppy" dimension. In 2012, the Trayvon Martin affair occurred: a militia member killed an African-American teenager wearing a hoodie. The hoodie will serve as an emblem for demonstrations against the acquittal of the murderer.

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The wolf hoodie in pop culture

The flagship piece of the sportswear wardrobe, the hoodie, has never gone out of fashion. At Givenchy, the favorite brand of rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West, Riccardo Tisci uses it as a white canvas to apply patterns. American Alexander Wang paid tribute to him for his fall-winter 2013 collection. He paraded his models hooded in mohair on the movie Rocky's soundtrack, the American hero who helped popularize this garment.

From Muhammad Ali to hip-hop, the wolf hoodie, the strong head of the locker room

Launched by the Champion brand, the hoodie made its debut on college athletic fields in the 1930s. Ideal for keeping the body warm and wiping away sweat, its fleece knit fabric was used by athletes on the bench and warehouse workers on the East Coast.

Designed to absorb perspiration, as dashing as a tank top in the eyes of good society, it's still a long way from becoming the basics it is today. And it was Muhammad Ali, the grand champion and decisive relay in the conquest led by black citizens during the 1960s, who brought it out of anonymity by wearing it very tightly knotted during training.

Rocky Balboa did not invent anything, but the boxer played by Sylvester Stallone contributes, in the years following the release of the film, in 1976, to reverse the perception that surrounds sportswear. Moreover, the 1980s were the years during which the neoliberal ideology valued bodies and pushed them to surpass themselves, to suffer, to get wet.

Wolf hoodie: Emblem for the dominant, threat for the dominated

On the bangs of sports halls for dynamic executives, a new mode of expression is developing in abandoned neighborhoods in which the sweatshirt plays a crucial role. At night, in the anonymity afforded by its hood, graffiti artists descend into the subway and cover the walls and underground infrastructure of New York City with frescoes. The hip-hop revolution has only just begun, and already its image and legitimacy are unleashing racist America.

In 2012, while it is considered a fashionable but very commonplace item of clothing, worn by society, from young skateboarders to the new tycoons of the digital economy of which it is the emblem, it is making headlines. Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American, was shot at close range by a resident because both his hood and his presence in a residential neighborhood made him look like a dangerous criminal.

Carrying the values of effort and work of the New World when it is on the dominant backs, the hoodie becomes a threat to public order when worn by minorities. But here we are touching on clichés, even blinders, whose astonishing history reminds us of Chrétien de Troyes.


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Five tips for wearing a wolf hoodie

The last few years have proven it: the hoodie has become a fundamental part of our wardrobe. However, wearing this sweater is not without risk, as it is so easily associated with our rebellious adolescence. So to avoid the misstep and stay elegant in a hoodie, here is some advice.

We used to wear it over our pajamas on summer evenings when we were kids. In high school, it gave us that rebellious "je-ne-sais-quoi" that made us one of the cool kids. As a young adult, he used to punctuate our student outings or our cocooning Sundays. But for a few years now, the hooded sweater has been universally appealing. It fits into everyone's wardrobe without any preconceptions, whether it is treated in sportswear - true to its origins - or in fashion. Karl Lagerfeld has indeed designed one to cover his spring-summer 2016-2017 bride. The theory is beautiful. But in practice, it's best to keep in mind the five tips below to avoid falling into the trap (or cliché) of the eternal teenage rebel Nirvana fan. Nor of the utopia of hygge.

Bet on a perfectly cut coat

While we have nothing against a little nostalgia for the nineties scent, we try to show that it is quite possible to wear a hoodie with elegance. The first thing to remember: the hoodie is its best ally. But beware, said overcoat must have a healthy style: trench coat with perfect fluidity, subtly adjusted frock coat, Chesterfield revealing size, a bomber who imposes. The more the overcoat looks like a masterpiece, the more the hood that escapes from it will appear deliciously nonchalant.

Don't be afraid to add them up

The hoodie is better to be accompanied by a coat and other small sweaters, or even similar. Hoods fit together, colors, patterns, colors confront each other: visual effect guaranteed. And infallible "anti-cold" solution.

Getting rid of the urge to put the hood on

Of course, a hoodie without a hood is nothing. But the hood in question is more a decoration than real protection against the weather. Not to mention the fact that it's often too small to accommodate our oversized brains - or is it our bulky bun? So we let it rest under the nape of the neck, raise it as a scarf at best, but leave it to the hat to keep our ears warm.

Giving up the total look

The hoodie alone makes it relaxed, rebellious, casual, sporty. But it's not incredibly feminine or elegant. We match it with seductive heels, a pretty bag, light skirts, cheerful prints, statement jewelry for the twister. And we mix it all as if we were just the right ayatollah for the look, relaxed enough to put on the first sweater that comes his way.

Be proud of your nonchalant side

And we come to this last point: let's not be ashamed of the gap between our natural elegance and this relaxing piece. It is the element that will prevent the rest of our outfit from looking bland. It is the cocoon garment that will make us feel at home in any circumstance. But that we say it to ourselves: we do not take out the Abercrombie sweater of our 16 years old today deformed. And we don't fill the central pocket at the risk of creating a bedouin silhouette. By chance, fleece sweaters with the outfit find some everywhere, from H&M stores to those of Balenciaga. Yes, the hoodie is there to make everyone happy.

Conclusion: Don't delay, get your wolf hoodie now!

After reading all this, there is no doubt, wearing a wolf hoodie isn't like wearing any other sweatshirt. It does convey a message but also gives you an undeniable sense of style. Whether you wear it at home or when going out, this piece of garment will never fail you. Getting one from American Wolves is the guarantee to buy a quality product that will last for decades.