Wolf T-Shirts

Let the world know who you are with our wolf t-shirts!

Our collection of wolf t-shirts are the perfect apparel for a real Alpha Wolf! Our t-shirts suit all styles and sizes and are available in different colors.


Nine seconds...

That's the average concentration time of a goldfish. But guess what, it's also the time it takes to put on a t-shirt (unfolding included).

And when you've got four minutes left to catch your bus because you've decided to snooze the alarm 3 times (yes wolves do enjoy the comfort of their beds), you're grateful for that t-shirt. That is most likely the reason why we all have t-shirts in our wardrobe...

Comfort, simplicity, enhancement... it's hard to miss this mythical garment that has been around for decades.

But even if it can make you look sleek, choosing the wrong t-shirt can also be detrimental to your look.

A complete buying guide for this timeless basic is therefore essential. After reading it, you'll know how to choose a quality piece, the right size, and made in the material that best suits your needs.

A selection of high-quality wolf t-shirts

Before taking you magnifying glass out on your shopping spree to carefully watch the stitches of the garments you want to buy, you should ask yourself what a high-quality t-shirt is... 

At American Wolves, our wolf t-shirts are:

  • durable (if you take care of it as a wolf does with his fur, you should be able to keep this beautiful piece in your wardrobe for years)
  • unique (wolves are sensitive animals and so are we! So we made sure to design and provide you with the coolest and sleekest t-shirts possible).

T-shirts are usually base-layers: it means we very often wear them under another piece of clothing. Therefore, looking for a durable garment is very important, as it will be one of the most frequently washed items in your wardrobe. Regular wash cycles won't do much good for its general look, collar shape, or depth of color.

So what should you avoid when buying a wolf t-shirt (or any other t-shirt actually)?

A poor quality t-shirt will be made of fibers for which very little production effort has been made. They will, therefore, be mainly short, not very resistant to friction, and sometimes partially damaged. Without forgetting the dyeing or printing of patterns which will have been done at a lower cost. After a few weeks or months, that t-shirt will be history...

But open your big wolf eyes wide open! Quality doesn't necessarily mean an expensive t-shirt. An expensive t-shirt that requires meticulous spinning and knitting to achieve a unique look may not be the most durable option. That's often true for luxury apparel. Of course, it won't be disintegrated after meeting your washer, but it could show wear and tear faster than you anticipated.

This is the nuance between quality and durability. So if you're looking to invest in a high-end t-shirt, there are two possible paths to take:

  • a t-shirt with a very famous brand logo that will earn you many compliments, but won't live forever
  • an American Wolves t-shirt, affordable and with an optimal lifespan.

What material for the best t-shirts?

Polyester - your worst enemy

First of all, it is important to say that polyester itself isn't a bad material. But you don't want to buy clothes 100% made of polyester. Some colors cannot naturally be made 100% cotton (grey usually) so if the amount of polyester doesn't go above 50%, you are safe.

A t-shirt entirely made of synthetic material will often have that shiny look (think of your favorite NBA or NFL jersey), not without recalling the lack of charm of a plastic material. This glossy appearance will most likely contrast with the rest of your clothes (if they are made of natural materials) and will result in a lack of visual coherence overall. Not to mention the tendency of synthetics to age poorly: they have a very poor patina and quickly become bland.

On a more practical side, polyester doesn't breathe. You've probably already experienced this: you wear this cheap 100% polyester t-shirt and you start sweating really quickly And this gets worse if you're wearing it inside with a sweater or hoodie on top.

To make things even worse: polyester has the particularity to retain smells (good or bad), so should you have a strong sweat's smell, the garment could keep it even after washing it...

Cotton - the natural no-brainer

Today it is almost a rule: a t-shirt is in the majority of cases is made of cotton. Your wardrobe is surely full of them, and there is a reason for that: a cotton t-shirt is one of the most accessible clothes, for a very acceptable aesthetic result.

Contrary to other materials such as wool or leather, cotton offers the possibility to make affordable clothes without compromising too much on the quality of the material. Differences in color depth, feel and durability vary much less between two cotton price ranges than between two wool price ranges.

But the price isn't the only reason behind the cotton's success:

  • it is a natural material that breathes
  • it is hydrophilic, so it absorbs moisture rather well and is antistatic
  • it is very easy to maintain.

Now that you've read this, you're probably wondering why you would buy a wolf t-shirt on American Wolves and what justifies the price.

Our prices take into consideration several things:

  • the whole production process
  • the origins of the cotton.

Beyond the work techniques and finish touch mentioned above, you will pay for cotton that has been grown in better climatic conditions, with better irrigation, and a more respectful picking of its fibers. You will have a material with fibers that are often longer, stronger, and which take better colors.

What color for your wolf t-shirt?

As mentioned above, American Wolves wolf t-shirts are always available in different colors.

If you're planning on a huge do-over of your wardrobe, buying a white t-shirt is always a good option.

A white t-shirt is:

  • polyvalent, you can wear it with any other color 
  • it usually looks fitted, therefore, it will magnify your overall body appearance.

A white t-shirt is like a secret weapon you can always rely on: just put a jean and jacket on and you will look sleek.

It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, used as a base-layer, a white t-shirt is always adapted. Cardigan, hoodie, sweater, jacket, it's easy to match them with an uncolored t-shirt.