Woolf Tooth Necklaces

Show your worth to the pack with a wolf tooth necklace! Only the strongest warriors can wear one.

Considered a symbol of strength in many cultures, a wolf tooth necklace is also a fashionable accessory among wolf lovers. The perfect tribute to our favorite animal's power and hunting skills. For more wolf necklaces designs, click here.

🐺 Borrow the Alpha Wolf's strength by wearing a wolf tooth necklace! 🐺


Of all wolf necklaces, the wolf tooth necklace is probably the most popular among wolf lovers. Native Americans wear the wolf tooth necklace as a tribute to wolves. They believed it could give them the strength, ferocity, and intelligence of the wolf. If you’re wondering if you should get a wolf tooth necklace, you’re in the right place. Keep reading!

If you browse the internet, you will find many websites selling shark tooth necklaces as a wolf tooth necklace. To the untrained eye, any animal tooth necklace could be a wolf’s one. So let’s try to understand what makes a real wolf tooth necklace.

Characteristics of an authentic wolf tooth necklace

A genuine wolf tooth necklace has a very unique pendant shape. It doesn’t matter if you find an Alaskan timber wolf tooth necklace or an obsidian wolf tooth amulet necklace; the wolf tooth should globally look the same. Just like you would expect from the canine teeth, the pendants have a sharp edge and a slight bend. Don’t forget that these are the teeth wolves use to bite their prey fatally. Think about it as a 1-inch dagger able to kill moose, rabbits, elks, and more in just one strike.

silver wolf tooth necklace - american wolves

Products found online often present wolf tooth necklaces with straight teeth and dull edges. The same goes for wolf fang jewelry or any wolf tooth jewelry. So we recommend you do your due diligence and verify the product info before buying. You can find detailed information on how wolves use their teeth in this article.

An easy way to differentiate shark teeth from wolf teeth is the shape. Because they eat small fishes, shark teeth are not as long as wolf teeth. They also have a triangular shape and sometimes feature spikes on their edges. A good comparison is the typical plastic knife you usually get on a picnic. The natural wolf teeth may be sharp at the bottom; they have a smooth surface.

In what material is a wolf tooth necklace made?

Obviously, you have to differentiate between the wolf pendant and the wolf necklace (the chain). The wolf necklace can be made of almost any material. The most popular are unadulterated stainless steel alloy and a sterling silver chain. In the United States, we see more and more rope silver and golden obsidian chains used for wolf jewelry and women’s necklace also.

Gold obsidian is a very resistant material, and its color doesn’t change over the years. Manufacturers can sometimes mix it with silver sheen obsidian or genuine black obsidian to lower its costs and original price of sale. Luckily for the lovers of canines, the quality is almost unchanged.

When it comes to the wolf tooth pendant, the choice of material is somewhat limited. Obsidian is the go-to substance manufacturers favor when making a wolf tooth or wolf fang pendant. You’re probably wondering why obsidian is used since you’re after a real wolf tooth necklace. Still, you have to understand that most stores and manufacturers have ethical concerns over using animal body parts.

obsidian wolf tooth necklace-american wolves

Unfortunately, animal jewelry generally implies grabbing the raw materials of a living animal. So the wolf tooth wouldn’t be taken on a wolf’s corpse but in the mouth of a living one. Quite brutal if you ask me. The only way to have a natural wolf tooth without hurting an animal is if the tooth has been fossilized. Fossilized teeth are rare and precious but also ethical sources. At American Wolves, we want to be environment friendly, and it starts by sourcing materials that don’t create pollution or unnecessary deaths. We sell large quantities of products, and unethical sources would ineluctably lead to the total extinction of the wolf as a species.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis are famous wolf lovers and advocate for their protection through their social media.

Why does a wolf tooth necklace make a great gift?

If you are a wolf lover, the question probably doesn’t make sense. But if you’re not and have someone around you that keeps asking for a wolf tooth necklace, you probably don’t understand what all the fuss is about. A wolf tooth necklace is not like any other wolf jewelry or animal necklace. Offering one shows how much you appreciate a person. A long time ago, warriors wore them as a symbol of victory. On the battlefield, seeing a wolf fang or wolf tooth around your enemy’s neckline was like a psychic attack. You were reminded that your enemy killed a wolf himself.

Because wolves are often associated with the moon, wolf teeth are also told to be a source of lunar power. For instance, a wolf tooth amulet