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You want to be respected and feared? You're looking for a loyal, friendly and social family? Then, young cub, step inside our Wolf Lover's Den! The Alpha Wolf is waiting for you and has a wide selection of costumes, apparel, and accessories all dedicated to our spirit animal: the Wolf.

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For as long as humanity can remember, wolves have always fascinated us. Wolf lovers and worshipers gathered throughout the world to share their passion: wolves. Having so many people with a shared passion leads to an obvious question: where do wolf lovers shop?

Today with more and more stores opening online, it seems evident that the internet is the best place to source wolf lovers gifts. Still, centuries ago, when the internet wasn’t invented yet, a wolf lovers shop was very uncommon. Imagine not being able to shop for a wolf ring, bracelet, t-shirt, or any other accessory you would typically find on American Wolves. Pretty sad, right?

American Wolves isn’t your typical wolf lovers website

It took us months, if not years, to build the perfect wolf lovers website. It started with finding a name that would appeal to the wolf lovers community. And since we are based in the US, we went for American Wolves. Months later, we realized what started as a small wolf lovers website became a worldwide wolf lovers shop with an ever-growing community. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are our biggest markets, but as you can imagine, there are wolf lovers in every country of the world. Germany, Finland, France, Italy, South Africa, and Mexico customers regularly browse our wolf lovers shop.

How to build the perfect wolf lovers shop

There is no easy answer to this question. A wolf lovers shop is an online store on which you can find wolf lovers gifts and information. It can start with a blog like Of Wolves and Men. Then you need the perfect collections of wolf jewelry, wolf clothes, and wolf accessories to satisfy your potential customers.

Building your wolf lovers website requires you to understand what your community wants, the kind of products they like, the tone they prefer to be addressed with, and plenty more things.

Only when you have found the answer to all these questions, can you really have the perfect wolf lovers shop.

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Welcome young wolf lover!

American Wolves is proud and honored to welcome you on this wolf lovers website.

Our adventure started with our love for art, fashion and wolves. Bringing all these elements together, we decided to offer other wolf lovers a place where they can find everything wolf related: jewelryclothesart & more!

We found the best suppliers and curated high quality and trendy products for women and men, adults and children. Imagine an infinite source of gifts for wolf lovers all around the world!

American Wolves wishes to convey essential values such as respect, courage and wisdom. Everything you would need to be part of our loving wolf pack!

Our products can be shipped worldwide with encrypted and safe means of payment. US & Canada can enjoy free shipping*.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for product reviews, partnership requests or any question. You can reach us via email address: info@americanwolves.com or through our contact form.

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