Indian Wolf Dreamcatcher

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Get the best protection from our wolfpack to chase away your bad dreams. Our Indian Wolf Dreamcatcher is meant to surround you with good spirits to help you sleep. Enjoy the sweet wolf dreams from now on!

  • Indian Wolf Dreamcatcher
  • Material: feathers, beads, yarn
  • Size: total length: 30-inches/75cm, Loops: 6,4 & 3-inches/16,11 & 7cm
  • Feathers length: 3-5-inches/ 7-13cm
  • Warning: keep away from fire
  • Warning: keep away from young children, choking hazard!
Native Americans believed that at night the air was filled with dreams, both good and bad. The wolf dreamcatcher is made to protect you during your sleep by filtering out bad dreams and chase away evil spirits. Enjoy from now on only the best of dreams.