Holographic Howling Wolf Phone Case

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A unique holographic phone case showing a howling white wolf in the Alaskan region.

  • Printed wolf phone case
  • Material: TPU silicone
  • Fits Samsung phones only
  • Soft and lightweight

Phone Case

There are quite a few solutions available to defend your cell phone against bumps:

Cases, bumpers or covers defend the external structure.

Protective films protect the screen.

There are also indicators giving a more correct idea of the amount of resistance:

The IP standard signifies dust and water tightness.

Special smartphones for shock resistance.

At this time, many folks own a smart phone. A real innovation of the past ten years, these condensed technological innovations are as potent as they are delicate. In order to increase their durability, it is, therefore, needed to protect them with solutions that meet distinct characteristics. And to protect these objects, which have become almost vital to a large number of individuals, there is no shortage of solutions.

In order to satisfy everyone's demands, each type of protection meets diverse requirements. And if safety is the most important purpose of the protection, the style and design is not left behind for all that. Quite the opposite.

A protection for your cell phone, what for?

Progressively more, phones are growing to be technological beasts. In their journey for ever-greater performance, brands are consistently building their goods to meet our increasing desires. In fact, the overall flexibility of these tools has become their main quality. Initially intended to offer mobile communication, the vocation of cell phones has now changed. So much so that the attributes of these smartphones are now various. This is what has led to the progression of the name of these terminals. Simple mobile phones have indeed evolved, now being called smartphones.

The versatility of smartphones is not their only attribute. They're a phone, game console, music player, video camera, and storage source, nevertheless they're at the same time cost-effective. While entry-level mobile phones are generally available for less than 200 euros, the top-of-the-line designs are much more costly.

The latter can now reach more than 1,000 euros.considering the financial commitment involved, these items, therefore, call for special attention. Especially since these smartphones have become very popular. Among the working population, on the one hand, but also among the oldest and youngest. The clumsiness of some or the unfocused attention of others is frequently accountable for falls. To stay clear of unfortunate occurances and protect these devices, many means are available.

The case and the bumper, essential elements to secure your smartphone

As with any high end item, one of the most important elements to be shielded is the hull. Safe guarding the external visual appearance of the product appropriately protects the inside pieces and thus promotes the smooth operation of the machine. In this case, many alternate options have been made to protect smartphones.

Cases: useful depending on the design material utilized

On the one hand, we find the classic hulls. The latter are usually developed so that they cover up the back of the cell phone. The covers are broken down into quite a few groups, which are mainly notable by their composition. For example, there are soft phone cases as well as more firm designs.

To make these different phone cases, it is traditional to use materials such as :

  • Silicone: by its formula and flexibleness, it gives the benefit of absorbing shocks to a certain extent. Thanks to the flexibility of this material, silicone phone cases are rather easy to put on and take off.
  • Polyurethane is also often used. Aomewhat stiffer, it delivers a good compromise between the flexibility of silicone and the hardness of plexiglass.
  • Plexiglass, in fact, offers leaner phone cases. These only slightly alter the grip of the product. However, the rigidity of these covers is also a downside in that shocks can be critical. It is indeed recurrent that this type of phone case breaks in case of a fall.
  • Leather and fabric: for the fabric, safety will be just about non-existent. For leather, the width of the material will shield the smart phone more, but the coverage will not be great.

These unique materials have their unique properties and usually tend to offer distinct effects. Every single individual is then able to choose the kind of protection that accommodates him or her.

Bumpers: the ideal way to protect your mobile phone

While the phone cases cover the backside of mobile phone handsets, the bumper simply covers the contours of the unit. Even so, this protection would seem to be generally adequate. In the vast majority of scenarios, the impacts suffered during a drop by the cell phones are essentially at the corners. By simply protecting the curves of the device, the bumper provides protection that is suitable for the vast majority of accidents.

This form of protection, made of semi-rigid gel, not only protects the device but also does not obscure its design. For top quality cell phones, it can, therefore, be a relevant option, as consumers place so much importance on looks. However, the bumper does not protect the screen or the rear panel from chafes.

Ultra-resistant smartphones, a category of mobiles in their own right

As stated above through various examples, there are many choices available to shoppers in terms of security. However, in spite of these specially adapted solutions, some people are incapable to conserve their smartphones. For this kind of consumers, it seems prudent to opt for particular smartphones. For the clumsiest, most daring or unluckiest, some brands have developed extremely sturdy smartphones.

With these, there's no need to be concerned about chafes on the displays. They're not frightened of falls, and resistance is their specialty. In this case, there is no need to go for screen protectors made of tempered glass. The same is applicable to the phone cases. Robust and shock-resistant, these units are self-sufficient.

To go even further in adventures, these items can also be used in severe situations. The coldest and highest temperatures do not have an effect on their operation in any way. As far as water resistance is concerned, some designs are extremely reliable. You can learn more about this with the protection class certifications.

Even so, though the IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69 accreditations are being developed, some other alternate options give security, especially from water. For example, especially designed packaging allows you to carry your smartphone with you in the water. And all in full safety.