Dual Wolf Hoodie

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Let this vibrant dual wolf hoodie remind you that two is stronger than one! Keep your best friend close.

  • Wolf hoodie
  • Material: polyester & spandex
  • Jersey-lined hood
  • Needle stitching throughout
  • Front pouch pocket
  • Runs small

Find the perfect hoodies for all wolf lovers.

Why wear the Dual Wolf Hoodie?

If wolves chose to live in a wolfpack, it’s not only for the fun of it. The Dual Wolf hoodie is the best way to explain the reason why the wolfpack exists. Wildlife is the perfect stage to show how strength is in numbers. Wolves may be strong and intelligent animals, but they believe they are stronger within a group.

The concept the Dual Wolf hoodie exposes isn't only related to the wolf pack’s strength. The idea of a best friend may be appealing when it comes to train, work, or play, but have you ever considered having a best enemy? Two people who experience rivalry can get the best out of themselves if they find the right way to motivate each other. Think about it as an evil twin wolf, both of you are eligible to lead the pack, but there can only be one Alpha wolf. A twofold increase in motivation for more significant results. Or a double life of a best friend and secret rival.

The Dual Wolf hoodie shows how complex relationships people can be. Not everything is as it seems to the eye. And a binary approach can lead to disillusion. Find your matching pair and try to improve and support each other, even if it goes through rivalry.