Black Embroidered Bad Wolf Beanie

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If you wear this Bad Wolf beanie, chances are people run away from you! After all, the big bad wolf is never good news...

  • Ribbed wolf hat
  • Material: cotton & polyester
  • Color: black (also available in red, gray, and blue)
  • Soft ribbed knit
  • Embroidered detail
  • Roll cuff at bottom

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Wolf beanie

"Why a wolf?", "Aren't you too hot?", "You're such a hipster!" you've heard these comments before. Why? Because wearing a wolf beanie has become a trend over the past years. No need to live up North or to wait for winter to proudly wear your wolf beanie. Whatever the time of the year and wherever you are, you will always look cool with this wolf hat on your head. A wolf beanie is more than a hat, it is a fashion accessory that gives your look that rebellious touch.

Be trendy, get your wolf beanie!

A wolf hat that fits (you) well must suit both your hair's style and texture but also the current trend! You don't pick your next wolf beanie on a whim, and you will only feel better if it is chosen according to your tastes and the degree of comfort you want.

When shopping for the perfect beanie, every detail weighs in the right balance between utility and aesthetics. There's no point getting a wolf beanie if it's not gonna be used in winter as well! For those of you who cannot stand the harsh and cold winter, you are safe! The low and wide part of the Bad Wolf Beanie will cover both your forehead and ears. So this wolf beanie guarantees both comfort and warmth.

More than a hat, this wolf beanie is a must-have accessory for any wolf lover

You will appreciate this stylish wolf beanie for its comfort. Convenient for those who work outdoors, even during the harsh winter months.

One size fits all, one beanie. At American Wolves, the variety of choices is found in the colors of our stylish "Bad Wolf Beniae". Large, sober, thermal, it is at the top of comfort and simplicity. Seamless, it is not too thick and rather pleasant to wear. Soft, it fits snugly without being too tight. Once put on, it protects the ears properly. It fits like a glove!

American Wolves hats will keep your head warm next winter while keeping your style casual and fresh. This particular beanie offers 4 different colors: black, red, gray, and blue. So you can match your hat to your outfit and stay chic in all circumstances. Moreover, thanks to its cotton and polyester composition, you will enjoy the warmth of your wolf beanie while taking advantage of the softness offered by this material.

Stand out of from the pack with your wolf beanie!

The Bad Wolf beanie can be seen from afar and can be worn well, very close up, and for a very long time! Its style is classic and it goes everywhere. Well ventilated, it is easy to wear. Ideal on long loose hair, it lets your bangs escape without flattening them, enhances your figure and your clothing, for a more refined look, to feel more comfortable, better covered, and ... prettier.

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