Big Eyes Wolf Plush

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Let this adorable wolf plush watch over your room while asleep. With its big eyes, no monster can hide.

  • Wolf stuffed animal
  • Material: PP cotton
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 7-inch / 18cm
  • Warning: keep away from fire
  • Age: > 3 years old

Care instructions

Make sure you follow these rules to keep your wolf plush in perfect shape.

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not drum dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry


  1. Fill a sink or a basin with cold water.
  2. Add a small amount of delicate wash soap.
  3. Gently scrub the plush. 
  4. Squeeze the plush toy out. 
  5. Rinse the plush toy out.
  6. Brush out the fur.
  7. Dry the plush toy.