Neon Crystal Wolf Tooth Necklace

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After trying to bite Thor's hammer, Fenrir tooth exploded into million fragments. One of them was used to make this wolf necklace.

  • Wolf necklace
  • Material: rope & zinc alloy
  • Chain type: rope
  • Closure: lobster
  • Color: neon
  • Length: 31-inch / 80cm 
  • Pendant size: 1-inch / 3cm

This wolf necklace is also available in Black, Earth Yellow, Champagne, Electric Blue, Purple, Ocean Blue, and Green.

Wolf Necklace

If one thinks of jewellery, necklace is the first thing that comes to mind. Aside from just being a decoration that is stylish and
lovely, a necklace can serve a number of purposes -- ceremonial, spiritual, memorial, and maybe magical! Prior to choosing that
wolf necklace would be the one for you, there are a couple of things you should know about necklaces very first.

Wolf necklace, choker, pendant, plus chain?

Necklace is the most usual and standard name for it, however, neck attachments can have a variety of names. So: necklace, choker,
pendant, chain -- how are they different?

Necklace: Basically anything with a string, rope, chain or lace worn around the neck is considered a necklace. There are lots of
types and styles of necklaces, and they may be decorated with beads, pearls, diamonds, gems, etc.. A necklace is made of several
materials, including silver, gold, etc.. The purpose of a necklace would be to bring attention to the wearer's face.

Choker: A choker is a manner of necklace which wraps closely around the neck of one. A choker may be a little loose or skin-tight
to allow space to breathe and avoid marks. No matter how tight it really is, a choker creates a half-circle around the neck and
torso as opposed to a U-shape or V-shape like a normal necklace. Chokers were popularized a few decades ago in the form of black

Pendant: The term"pendant" comes from the Latin and Old French speech, which means"to hang ". In other words, a pendant is your
object that hangs from the chain of the necklace. A pendant may take almost any form and dimensions possible. It's common to have
just one pendant per chain, however some new layouts consist of multiple pendants in one chain to add sophistication. Pendants are
supposed to make more meaning to the necklace -- cultural, historical, psychological or any personal meaning. Rather than simply
attract attention a pendant on your necklace might help signify a piece of your personality to men and women.

Chain: The chain will be... well, the chain component of the necklace! Chains can be created from several different materials:
metal, cloth, rope, steel etc.. The substance and duration of this chain have a significant impact on how you feel when you put on
your necklace.

These are the several diverse kinds of chains: anchor chains, bead chains, box chains, byzantine chains, cable chains, curb or
Cuban chains, figaro chains, center chains, ceramic necklace, popcorn chains, rope chains, Singapore chains, snake chains, wheat

Which wolf necklace length and style in case you use?

Ideally for an expensive and durable article of jewelry, then you would prefer to get the length fitted personally for you. But if
you're not however, worry not since American artisans have ready a list of necklace lengths for you:

How can I style my pendant wolf necklace?

In case you have decided on which pendant talks to you the best, then you would must understand how to rock that necklace and show
off a little bit of your own personality. The next steps are recommended when deciding what to use with your necklace.

Pendant outside a T-shirt: this might, obviously, be the most common and safe look. You won't ever be able to seem terrible in a
casual T-shirt and pendant necklace. This appearance is a timeless, creating a feeling that is simple and minimalistic.

Pendant having a turtleneck: You would want to put on anything with collars or necks since you may need to hide your wolf
necklace, right? Wrong! Turtlenecks create the canvas to highlight your pendant necklace.

Pendant using a V-neck: If you prefer showcasing your pendant wolf necklace bare skin, choose a. Make sure that the pendant hangs
shorter compared to the cut of the V-neck to your very best look!

Some hints when rocking a Gorgeous wolf pendant necklace:

Keep accessories that are other minimum: You do not wish too many distractions as your own pendant is the principal attraction. If
you would prefer to wear other accessories, then select those that are smaller and less noticeable compared to the pendant to
complement the piece.

Pair pendant necklace with briefer necklaces: Doubling on necklaces may be an intriguing look. You can, for instance, wear a
choker over the wolf pendant necklace to complement it
Wearing many pendants: If you desire a busier look, several pendants (at various lengths) may create a more interesting look.

Now that you have learned a lot about necklaces, have a browse through our assortment of wolf necklaces under and select!

The different types of chain to the wolf necklace

Anchor chain

A major fan of this world? This chain is exceptional and has been motivated by the chains attached to the anchorsyou recognize the
origin of the name chosen for its chain. It is a tough necklace and designed for anybody who loves the sea, you'll have the
perfect match.

Anodised Chain

The Anodised chain has experienced a process of coating using electrolysis look and to provide a protective layer and also
decorative oxide finishing touch. This method produces a guaranteed finished appearance that resists corrosion, vulnerability, and
abrasion. The source that is selected that is most common is aluminum or metal. It will create a hard layer for your chain and you
can finish it off with a color of your choice using organic dyes or any other kinds of pigments that seals into the layers and

Puffed mariner chain

You'll find a variety of widths as soon as it concerns the mariner chain. Thicker chains are somewhat very popular and much more
acceptable for men, while girls choose much more dedicated and younger ones. The design of this chain is composed of brightly
colored ovals, using a bar throughout the center of each oval, giving a intriguing and distinct look to it. Traditionally, the
mariner chains were flat, but a new trend is that the puffed mariner chain. The mariner chain can be used as a stand-alone
accessory while widths can be paired with a pendant for an eye-catching appearance.

Ball / Bead Chain

Composed of tiny beads that are linked with each other to make a chain that the ball or bead chain can be attached quite close
together or have small spaces between them to permit some movement. They do not make a statement by themselves that's the reason
why it is a good idea to add a pendant to the chain to make the necklace completely stick out. Keep in mind this type of chain is
fragile and will break easily. It comes in different lengths, designs, and colours to make it more fun. This is the ideal choice
for you, if you love minimalism and keeping it light around your neck.

Box Chain

Would you love geometric? This necklace is created for you. It's simplicity made of links that are square, rather than rounds,
they're connected with each other to make a smooth chain. It' appearance is classical and does break. It is possible to choose the
length and wide range of widths based upon your taste and also to suit your look. It is highly popular among women and men. You
may use it by itself or add a necklace pendant.

Cable Chain

If you prefer it easy but with a classic look, this necklace will probably fit you. Not only is it a minimal design but it is
going to match with any pendant of your selection. The cable chain is amongst the the most frequent but also very basic sort of
necklaces. The chain is made from individual oval links interlocked into a pattern, each link is lying at ninety degrees to the
next. Its design was used for centuries for functions, from anchoring ships to producing delicate and little pieces of jewellery.

Curb chain

Popular among men but not excluding girls because of its manly touch and decorative, the curb chain might be the necklace you've
been searching for. Heavy, chunky but comes in a much smaller and thinner design for a delicate and feminine appearance. Pairing
well with any pendant, you will fall in love with your necklace. Don't be worried if you don't have some pendant, this necklace
does not need you to make an impression. Ranging from a few centimeters to a few millimeters it's the best assortment of widths to
perform . Its design was a choice. The chain is designed with variations of either sized so that they lay level even while
interlocked or links that were twisted and often diamond-cut.

Figaro Chain

Originating from Italy, this necklace has a simple look but elaborate finishing. The design is made up of an alternating design of
links in distinct sizes. The pattern contains a link followed by either two or three links. It's the ideal balance between
masculine and female aesthetic making it an ideal gender-neutral necklace.

Rope Chain

Twisted strands of chain spiraled together to make this necklace powerful but give it also a special appearance. Perfect as an
announcement bit although a pendant will fit flawlessly with this necklace if you choose for a thinner version. Popular for men
and women, the texture of it reflects from various angles. Whether thin or thick it would suit anyone searching for a solid

The Singapore Chain

If you're seeking a necklace to wear that is just one! Paired with any pendant it's classic and sleek. Constructed with a series
of segments to create a diamond shape, when stretching out it's a striking and beautiful open chain. It has a touch to it and
regardless of its thickness, it remains very tasteful.