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Certainly one of the most loved and respected animals of the entire animal kingdom, there’s something mystical and almost mythical about wolves that speak directly to the human spirit.

Though the odds of ever seeing a wolf in the wild in most parts of the world are pretty slim (though the wolf population has been bouncing back in a big way of late), we still as a society – and particularly as individuals – really resonate with everything that this animal has come to embody.

Throughout time the wolf has been seen as something much more than a “wild dog”, revered, respected, feared, and loved in cultures all over the world. They’ve come to symbolize loyalty, wisdom, instinctual behavior, courage, confidence, and the ability to protect the pack while also thriving on your own – all traits that you’ll be able to embody when you wear wolf clothes.

Below we dig a little bit deeper into the types of things you want to think about before you buy any wolf clothes, helping you to better understand the kinds of designs out there, what they symbolize, and what you should be looking for before you pull the trigger on these kinds of purchases.

Let’s get right into it!

Wolves as Spirit Animals

Wolf clothing designs have been popular for a long time, and we’re not just talking about for the last couple of decades, either.

Wolf designs featured on the clothing (and armor) of people throughout time and all over the world, from numerous tribes throughout North America to the Vikings, knights in Europe throughout the middle ages, and in far-flung locales throughout Asia as well.

The wolf is an animal that has always been seen as a ferocious leader, an instinctual, intelligent, and decisive animal embodying a lot of the most sought after traits we as people hope to showcase, too.

There’s an incredibly complex social system that wolves adhere to just like humans, which has certainly help us to associate with wolves so closely. They have a hierarchal structure – alpha males and alpha females leading the way – that’s pretty similar to our own, and it isn’t hard at all to see the world through a wolf's eyes as a person, either.

People that really want to embody the special traits that make wolves so unique are naturally drawn to wolf clothes for all of these reasons. The idea of showing the world what your personality is like in the traits that you embody through fashion isn’t new – and the right wolf clothes definitely make it easy to pull off in style!

The traits that wolves and wolf clothes have come to symbolize



A number of native tribes throughout North America found the wolf to be the wisest of all the animals, believing it to be an ancient spirit that walked among us to teach us lessons, to lead us in the right direction, and to challenge us to become better and wiser than we are.

Some of the most popular designs on wolf clothes today really feature wolves in this way, helping to remind us on a daily basis whenever we slide on our favorite wolf sweatshirt, T-shirt, or hat that we should always be looking for things to learn, ways to improve, and opportunities to share the wisdom that we have accumulated over time with our own “pack” just the same way that Alpha wolves would.


It isn’t hard as a human with so many responsibilities, so many different decisions, and so many different influences pulling us in all kinds of directions to sort of feel listless, out-of-control, and like we are just sort of floating our way through life.

With wolves, though, they have hundreds of thousands of years of instincts in their DNA – hardcoded behaviors that they lean on, that they rely on, and that they leverage to become the alpha animals that they are.

There isn’t a person on the planet that wouldn’t love to feel a little more instinctual, little more self-assured, and a little more confident the way that wolves do – and that’s another trait that the best wolf clothes put on full display for the world to see, too.


If there’s one thing that we know for certain with wolves it is that they are fiercely loyal to the animals in their pack, doing everything they can to protect them, keep them safe, and provide for them whenever possible.

Human beings are pack animals in a way, too, and your wolf clothes are going to tell the world that you are serious about protecting your pack, providing for your pack, and leading your pack from the front the best way that you can – whether your pack is your family, your friends, or your coworkers.

The best wolf clothes on the market today let the world know that you take this responsibility seriously and that you are going to do your level best to live up to everything your spirit animal showcases day-to-day in the wild.


Wolves are amongst the most courageous animals on the planet, constantly pushing themselves physically and mentally to provide for their pack while getting themselves into some pretty sticky situations – especially when they are up against the odds and facing animals much larger and more dangerous than they are.

At the same time, wolves never shrink from a challenge. Sure, they will cooperate and communicate with the rest of their pack to gain as much of an advantage as they can (just like we all should) but at the end of the day, they aren’t ever hesitant to throw themselves into the mix, to pull their own weight, and to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

If you can identify with any of that then you are going to love wolf clothes that really feature these kinds of design elements.


If you asked people to use just one word to define a wolf the odds are pretty good that they’d settle on “confidence” – especially after they had a good look at some of the best wolf clothes out there on the market today.

There’s just something striking about the image of a lone wolf facing all odds on its own, knowing that the pack is out there somewhere to help and support them but still willing to go it alone whenever necessary.

It’s not hard to find wolf clothing designs that really celebrate this kind of attitude and attitude that all of us could benefit from big time in our day-to-day lives and something that wolf clothes can be a gentle reminder of when we are feeling less than confident and self-assured.

What to Look For in wolf clothes

Now that we have covered a couple of the big reasons people love wolf clothes so much it’s important to highlight a few elements you’ll want to look for in these clothes and apparel before you start adding them to your wardrobe.


The fit of wolf clothes will obviously be of huge importance, and it’s going to have a huge impact on how often you wear these clothes, to begin with.

At the same time, how well something fits it for you personally is going to come down to your own individual tastes, your own individual style, and the kind of clothing you are buying.

You might want a looser fitting sweatshirt with a gorgeous wolf design on the front just aware while knocking around the house on the weekends, for example, but something a little more close-fitting and refined if you’re getting a jacket with a wolf design you want to wear and semi-formal situations.


The material of the wolf clothes that you pick is another huge piece of the puzzle, as you want something that is as comfortable as humanly possible but also durable and long-lasting – something that can handle going through the wash on a pretty regular basis (especially if this becomes one of your favorite pieces of clothes to wear).

You can’t go wrong with high-quality cotton materials for shirts and sweatshirts, and denim, as well as leather goods, are always a good choice for jackets. Hats can come in a variety of different materials – cotton, polyester, and wool (just to name a few) – and it’s always a good idea to look for wolf designs that have been embroidered or some directly onto your clothing whenever possible.

At the end of the day, you want to choose wolf clothes that aren’t going to have designs that bleed or fade over time.


Finally, you’ll obviously want to make sure that the wolf designs on your new clothing purchases are going to suit your style, your personality, and the kinds of aesthetics that you are looking for with your outfits, to begin with.

This is a whole lot easier to pull off today than ever before, especially since the internet has opened up a world of wolf clothes options that we wouldn’t have had access to before.

You’ll be able to find wolf design clothing in pretty much every color, every style, and every clothing type imaginable with just a little bit of research – including vintage pieces that would have otherwise been lost to time completely.