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For all the fans of the manga/anime Beastars, we're glad to present you this Legosi plush, directly inspired by your favorite gray wolf student, Legoshi.

  • Wolf plush
  • Material: PP cotton
  • Color: black
  • Size: 11.8-inch / 30cm
  • Warning: keep away from fire
  • Age: > 3 years old

Care instructions

Make sure you follow these rules to keep your wolf plush in perfect shape.

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not drum dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry


  1. Fill a sink or a basin with cold water.
  2. Add a small amount of delicate wash soap.
  3. Gently scrub the plush. 
  4. Squeeze the plush toy out. 
  5. Rinse the plush toy out.
  6. Brush out the fur.
  7. Dry the plush toy.

🐺 This plush toy is designed after one of the most awesome anime characters ever created! 🐺

Who is the character represented by the Legosi plush?

Beastars (ビースターズ, Bīsutāzu) is a manga written and drawn by mangaka Paru Itagaki. It is published by Akita Shoten and pre-published in Weekly Shōnen Champion between September 8, 2016 and October 8, 2020. An anime adaptation by Orange Animation Studio is airing for the first time in Japan between October 10 and December 26, 2019. A second season has been airing since January 2021.

The story takes place in a world of civilized anthropomorphic animals with a cultural divide between carnivores and herbivores. The series takes its name from the rank in the universe of the series "Beastar," an individual with great talent, service, and fame. Legosi, a large gray wolf, is a shy and quiet student at Cherryton Institute. He lives there in a dormitory with several other carnivorous students, including his extroverted friend Jack, a labrador. A member of the school's drama club, Legoshi is a stagehand and supports the club's actors led by star student Louis, a red deer. When Tem the alpaca is brutally murdered and eaten in the night, a wave of unease and distrust spreads between the herbivorous and carnivorous students. At the same time, Legoshi has a fateful encounter with Haru, a small white dwarf rabbit, and begins to develop complex feelings towards her.

Legosi is an imposing gray wolf with a very subdued personality that contrasts with his appearance, hence his desire to hide his features that would terrify his fellow herbivores. Generally conflicted with his carnivorous status, Legoshi wishes to suppress his predatory desires, which becomes even more complicated as he develops confusing feelings towards Haru.

His face is modeled after French actor Mathieu Amalric, and Hungarian-American actor Béla Lugosi inspires his name. No surprise why this Legosi plush looks so awesome!

inspiration behind legosi plush-american wolves

Why should you get a Legosi plush?

If you are a fan of Beastars, like us, then the answer is obvious. A Legosi plush is just an awesome plush toy to own! With his disinterested look and fancy outfit, the plush toy deserves a place of choice in your home. You may consider yourself close to Legoshi because of his personality, sense of humor, or general attitude. All these reasons would make you get this Legosi plush in a blink.

If you don’t know anything about Legoshi or Beastars in general, just know that this Legosi plush is made after one of the most awesome anime characters ever created.

Beastars, or a kind of Zootopia in a more adult, more pragmatic, darker version... It starts with a murder in a school, and we are thrown into a world where animals are personified in a society that functions (or not!) on the principle of "nobody eats anybody". Except that, very quickly, we are shown the backstage of this impossible system, and it hurts the heart by the cruelty of the bestial, violent, sadistic practices. This is really the interest of this series, which is also adorned with magnificent drawings and a realistic fluidity of movement, which is easy to watch: the first season has only 12 episodes of 23 minutes, which can be watched at once without any problem. On the other hand, we deplore the tripartite romance (even with four people) which is quickly exhausting with always the same scene: "oh she is a herbivore, I am a carnivore, I will be able to eat her..." then an incongruous situation where the predator has the fangs at the level of the head of the prey, then "oh is he going to eat me. ?", oh suspense... We are fed up!!! Already that this kind of situation "pseudo-glauque-romantic" makes turn the head only to the twelve years old girls, we repays it every ten minutes! Then we sigh disillusioned in front of so much immaturity (a pity in such a dark universe!), especially that we hear about seventeen thousand times the words "herbivore" and "carnivore" which makes simply crazy (remove these two words, more than 90% of the dialogues jump...). Exhausting as well as incomprehensible this fixation on this only element of the scenario, when there were many others to develop (the murder for example? Could we be interested in that? No, it's better to see a hundred times the wolf who sticks to the rabbit not knowing what to do, even in episode 11...). The post-generic sequence at the end promised us that we will (finally) be interested in the murders in the next season... And it won't be too soon. A very mature and intelligent animal distopia, drowned in corny and omnipresent "predatory" sentiment.

What are you waiting for? Get your Legoshi plush!