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Inspired by Japanese animes like Naruto, Hotarubi no Mori e, or Yona of the Dawn, this anime wolf mask is perfect for any manga or cosplay fan.

  • Anime wolf mask
  • One size fits all
  • High-precision finishes for stunning rendering
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 11.7x7.8 inches / 30x20cm
  • Warning: keep away from fire

The perfect anime wolf mask for all mangas and anime lovers!

Story of the anime wolf mask

The story of the anime wolf mask starts in the Japanese comic book, the manga. It's a recurrent topic in the world of Japanimation, there is very often a character who wears one, for an obscure reason or simply because it gives him a cool side. Because mangaka love to use this little accessory which allows to give all its charm to a character by making him mysterious, scary, enigmatic and so on.

You guessed it already, today we are going to talk about an accessory worn by some characters of our favorite anime and manga, and more particularly about an accessory that covers their face... the anime wolf mask!

While in our country, we wear them at best at Carnival and Halloween, they decided to wear them all year round, until they are often unmasked by some other character. Scarf, scarf, full mask or one that hides only part of the face... There is something for everyone!

anime wolf mask - american wolves

Anime wolf mask in Naruto

If you think about a masked character in Naruto, you will instinctively remember the likes of Tobi. But the first Naruto mentions masked characters, it's when presenting Konoha special forces: Anbu. All its members wear an anime wolf mask or from another animal.

It is a special unit created to serve as a personal guard for the Kage. The word Anbu is used to designate both the unit and its members. There is apparently no rank in this unit where the hierarchical progression seems to be based on merit and experience. Those in command of a team are called "squad leaders," a position held in high esteem.

The Anbu's uniform consists of black clothes with a light chest protector, gloves with metal guards, sandals with reinforced soles, a katana (or tanto) worn on the back and a anime wolf mask to conceal identity. Depending on the village, the shape and the aesthetics of the masks can change:

  • The custom of Konoha is to wear a porcelain mask of an animal, with most members opting for rather menacing creatures, an anime wolf mask for instance
  • Kiri anime wolf masks have horizontal slits for the eyes and the village symbol is engraved on the forehead. Various motifs can also be added to the basic aesthetic
  • A group of Anbu from the Woodlands, known as the Prajñâ Group, also wear porcelain masks modeled to look like oni

 anime wolf mask naruto anbu-american wolves