Wolf Clothes - t-shirt

Our brand new generation of wolf clothes is ready to make a sensation!

Our new series of wolf t-shirts is now available for sale on our online shop of wolf clothes and articles. This is a new dawn for our new wolf t-shirts collection where you will find a wide range with polyester and cotton t-shirts. All these clothes, whether they are made of cotton, polyester or mixed fabrics, require different marking and printing methods. For a long time we have been using thermal transfer, which is still a good process for jackets and thick garments with a grammage of 400 g/m² or more. We are excited about the decision we made to adopt a new system by printing directly on t-shirts. To do this, we had to adapt the designs and illustrations of our favorite wolves to ensure a good match between the animal graphics and the use of the t-shirt. The great qualities of our worldwide famous wolf t-shirt are thus preserved!

Why are wolf clothes and t-shirts becoming so popular?

In the world of wolf clothes, the wolf t-shirt is the piece of garment that attracted most success. Every month, stocks are emptied in a matter of days and everyone wants their t-shirt with a majestic wolf on it. But why is a wolf t-shirt so fascinating?

If you are a wolf clothes amateur, you know that a wolf t-shirt is THE reference garment. Everyone is fighting to proudly display their latest American wolves printed piece. Whether you chose a lonewolf, an Alpha wolf or an entire wolf pack to be features on your t-shirt, you want people to know about your love for this beautiful creature. And what better way than to proudly wear wolf clothes? Have a quick look at your wardrobe: there is no doubt you have more t-shirts than any other piece of clothing. Easy to wear and comfortable, a t-shirt is a must-have. So if like us, you love wolves, then you should always have a wolf t-shirt in your closet.

The meaning behind wolf clothes, a secret message for the pack on your t-shirt

Wearing a wolf t-shirt isn't like a wearing a plain white t-shirt. It means something and you should be aware of it when you choose to wear one for the day. Wolf clothes have the ability to attract the attention very easily and with great power come great responsibility! The fangs, the claws, the eyes, the fur, all these elements can easily attract the eye and you will never go unnoticed if you wear wolf clothes. 

Most of the t-shirts you will find in our wolf clothes collection are not meant to be discreet. Whether you look at the color or the size of the wolf printed on it, you will see that we want people to clearly see the wolf (in you). But think about it this way: other members of the pack will also be able to see you. This is a message to them, a way of saying "you are not alone, the American Wolves pack is everywhere". 

As a brand ambassador of American Wolves, you have the duty to recruit new members in our pack. All you have to do is to proudly wear your wolf clothes and by seeing how awesome you wolf t-shirt looks, there is no doubt they will join our ranks.