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Wolf Necklaces

Animal necklaces are quite popular among folks belonging to all age brackets. From creatures such as dolphins, sloths, and pandas to feared creatures like wolves, sharks, and everything in between, people love to wear animal necklaces. In particular, wolf necklaces are an attractive choice if one wishes to demonstrate qualities such as aggression and fearlessness. The wolf is a popular choice as an animal for a necklace because they are highly complex creatures. 

The significance of wolves vastly varies across different cultures. From being a revered animal in the mythology of the Turkic peoples to being feared to and despised in the Finno-Urgic culture, several folklore, religions, and mythology talk about wolves. Still, the consensus is that wolves are fearless and creatures not to be messed with. This article hopes to give you a perspective on the significance of wolves being a popular choice for a necklace. We will first examine how various cultures treat them, followed by the different kinds of popular designs from wolf tooth necklaces, wolf skulls, carved designs, and everything in between.


As we have already seen, wolves are highly complex creatures. Let us take a look at how different cultures treat this creature from reverence to disdain, and everything in between.

Norse Mythology 

stainless steel silver wolf necklace-american wolves

The Norse mythology talks about wolves in both a negative and positive light. The most famous example of an evil wolf is Fenrir. Fenrir is the eldest child of Loki, who is bound by the gods. His destiny is to break free of his bonds and devour Odin during Ragnarok. Fenrir represents the undesirable characteristics of chaos and destruction. Geri and Freki are the best examples of showing wolves in a positive light. They were Odin's loyal pets, and the Norse Mythology often refers to them as a sign of good omen. These examples can help shed some light on why one might opt for a wolf necklace. The negative connotations evoked by Fenrir represent the undesirable characteristics people have. No individual wishes to have such traits, but donning a necklace might remind everyone that there is a little bit of bad. 

At the same time, Geri and Freki evoke a myriad of positive emotions. Negative emotions sometimes drive people. A wolf necklace will help evoke several positive traits during the harshest of times. 

Turkish Mythology

The Turkic peoples consider the wolf to be a sacred animal, and there are a lot of positive connotations about the wolf throughout Turkish mythology. They consider wolves as their ancestors. There is a popular folklore about a wolf named Asena. She rescued the sole surviving baby from a village raid and nursed him. Asena gave birth to half-wolves and half-human cubs from whom the Turkic peoples were born. Drawing parallels from the Turkish folklore, a wolf necklace can evoke the emotion of family. It expresses the individual's desire to put familial relationships above everything else. Asena was the protector of the baby and was also responsible for creating the Turkic peoples. A wolf necklace could express the emotion of forging more ties and strengthening existing relationships. 

There is another famous grey wolf in Turkish mythology that allowed the Turkic peoples to spread out of their homeland and conquer their neighbors. Turkish mythology also talks about wolves possessing spiritual powers. People thought specific parts of the wolf's body had different powers and used them for various purposes. Drawing parallels from Turkish mythology, a wolf necklace could also symbolize an individual's desire to be spiritual.

Native American Mythology

The Native American culture associates a lot of positive characteristics with wolves. These include courage, strength, loyalty, and success at hunting. Many Native American tribes believe wolves to be closely related to humans. The wolf's dedication to its pack was the primary reason for this belief. This dedication was what many tribes believed to be an essential aspect of their survival. Drawing inspiration from this belief, an individual could don a wolf necklace to express their selflessness and dedication to their family. It could also symbolize that they are ready to protect their family at all costs, come what may. 

Roman Mythology

Roman mythology attaches a lot of importance to wolves. The Italian Wolf is the national animal of Italy. In Roman Mythology, the Capitoline Wolf adopted and nursed, Remus and Romulus, who were the founders of Rome. The founders of Rome, who were twins, were ordered to be killed by their great uncle Amulius. The servant who was supposed to do this placed the twins on the banks of the river Tiber. The river deity Tiberius protected them until a she-wolf found and took them under her care. Romans considered the she-wolf or Lupa to be a symbol of Rome. It represented the essence of being a true Roman. These traits of loyalty and compassion, as demonstrated by the Capitoline Wolf, could be the traits espoused by the individual who wears a wolf necklace. 

Different Kinds Of Wolf Necklaces

Now that we have taken a good look at the wolf's involvement in various mythologies let us look at the different kinds and shapes that wolf necklaces come in. 

Wolf Head Necklace

The Wolf Head is one of the most common wolf necklace designs. The design can either be a carved outline or a complete depiction of the head. This design generally depicts the wolf's ears standing up, not down, as in the case of a dog. Ears that straight depict that the wolf is attentive and a fearsome creature and not a docile creature like the dog. The designs usually come in silver color as they are the more popular choice, but some variations come in gold. A full-body depiction of the wolf might hide some of the terror that the wolf's eyes radiate. Some designs use the entire body of the wolf, but the wolf head is one of the most simplistic wolf necklace designs.

Howling Wolf Necklace

As the name suggests, the howling wolf is another famous depiction that people wear as a wolf necklace. The above image follows a commonly used design pattern. Since the above image depicts a full-body, the pendant only contains the silhouette of the wolf. The wolf howling silhouette in the night is a popular image used in physical depictions of the animal. The background of the image is the night sky, which typically includes a picture of the moon or lighting, which implies the moon's presence. The latter is the design pattern that the above image uses.

Another design is a carved outline of the head of a howling wolf. Generally, these designs are white or silver in color. Since it is a carved representation, there is no depiction of the moon or its lighting, as is the case with the above image.

Heart-Shaped Wolf Necklace

couples wolf necklace-american wolves

A heart-shaped necklace is a trendy necklace design. It only makes sense to mention one such model. The heart-shaped wolf represents the quality of love, compassion, and the importance of having and maintaining relationships. A combination of the female and male wolf that the necklace uses is a very apt representation of these qualities. This design is also available as pendants, but a carved design is a more appropriate way to express these characteristics subtly. As mentioned previously, a silver hue brings out the aesthetic as opposed to other colors, but that is a matter of individual preference.  

Glowing Wolf Necklace

The glowing wolf is another popular wolf necklace design. The howling wolf mentioned above can also be made similar to a glowing wolf, but it would not bring out the complete character of a howling wolf. A glowing wolf depicts loyalty, and a wolf bowing down in the image brings out this quality. A tinge of the background color is applied to the wolf's body to bring out the glowing effect. Some designs only use the head while some designs use the entire body of the wolf. Silver beads on the necklace with the glowing wolf as the pendant make it an excellent choice for informal gatherings. 

Wolf Tooth Necklace

The Wolf Tooth is another popular design. Images of Vikings donning wolf tooth necklaces are fairly common. In particular, obsidian is a premium choice for making the wolf tooth. Stainless steel and ivory are other popular options. When the wolf tooth uses a more premium metal like obsidian, the necklace comes with beads. These beads are twined together by strands of fiber-like material to exude the feeling of being a Viking. Vikings often wore wolf tooth necklaces with fiber-like material. Some other designs make the use of a wolf head on top of the wolf tooth. It might not be immediately evident to the eye that the sharp tooth is that of a wolf. A wolf head, as the following image shows, gives a clearer picture to the onlooker. Vikings' fearlessness and viciousness is legendary. 

wolf tooth necklace - american wolves

An angry wolf's head to accompany the wolf tooth makes the image more prominent in the onlooker's mind. The wolf head is generally silver in color, and in some cases, the presence of a silver covering at the other end of the wolf tooth makes it look like the entire body of a wolf. The following images depict this.

Wolf Eye Necklace

The Wolf Eye is another popular necklace design. You can call it a subset of the glowing wolf design, but the focus, in this case, is on the wolf's eye. The color of the eyes can have several connotations. For example, a blue color might exude a little warmth and gentleness, while a darker hue gives a hint of aggression. If you want a design that makes the eyes look slightly more aggressive, you could opt for a design where eyes are not as stretched out as the above image and wherein the eyelids are slightly closer to each other.

The above image is a design that includes a snapshot of the eye, along with the accompanying skin. Some other designs are in the shape of an eye. A darker hue, in this case, exudes the feeling of aggression. The following image illustrates this.  

Wolf Skull Necklace

gold wolf skull pendant-american wolves

Another popular design is the wolf skull. To the onlooker, it may not be immediately apparent that the skull is that of a wolf. Like the wolf tooth, the wolf skull was also a common choice among Vikings for a necklace. For the Vikings, it made them a group of people to be feared, and a similar analogy could be used in modern times as well. It depicts that one is fearless and strong. The design generally glows when made out of metal, but there are several other options if you are not interested in the glow. For an ivory wolf skull, thin fiber-like material is a popular choice, and metallic wolf skulls go well with a metallic chain.

Buy your wolf necklace today! 

Since time immemorial, necklaces have been a popular dressing accompaniment. From informal and formal gatherings to everyday use, they are a popular choice. In particular, many people use wolf necklaces. From reverence for the wolf in Turkish and Roman Mythology to considering the wolf in a negative light in Native American and Norse Mythology, the wolf attracts a gamut of emotions. The positive characteristics such as loyalty to one's pack, caring, and being a protector are some of the qualities for which people revere wolves. Aggression and fearlessness have a slightly more negative connotation, but people still consider them as positive traits. As a result of which, many people prefer wearing them as necklaces.

The article also describes the several designs that wolf necklaces come in and a few possible reasons why one might choose to don them. Some of the reasons include fearlessness and strength and a desire to refer to oneself as a family person. The wolf head, wolf tooth, wolf skull, wolf eye, heart-shaped wolf, glowing wolf, and the howling wolf are some of the most popular designs. Among these designs, some variations have carved outlines while some depict the entire head or body of the wolf. No matter what design and color you pick, a wolf necklace is something you should consider if you are a fan of necklaces.

Material and construction of your wolf necklace

black leather cord wolf necklace-american wolves

When it comes to wolf necklaces, choosing American Wolves is the assurance to invest in premium quality wolf jewelry. Our collection is a selection of unique wolf necklaces and more common wolf necklace designs. Inspired by different cultures and built from various materials, our necklace jewelry offers you style and positive light at the right price. 

Men and women prefer metal wolf necklaces. Metal wolf jewelry gives the necklace chain more resistance to everyday wear and tear. Because the chain is around your neck, you also want to make sure you pick the suitable material. Stainless steel, sterling silver, and steel are the most common types of metal to build a wolf necklace.

A steel chain gives more volume to your wolf necklace, but you will also have to pick a more oversized wolf pendant. A sterling silver necklace is usually thinner, perfect for women, making it the ultimate wolf gift. But any wolf necklaces would make an excellent wolf lover gift. For an even more discreet wolf necklace, for couples’ jewelry, for instance, rope chains are also a good option. A black leather cord is adjustable, discreet, and pleasant to touch. A wolf pendant will easily fit on a rope chain and will perfectly stand out on your neck. Imagine a wild wolf charm pendant graciously balancing around your neck; there is no doubt you won’t need any of that Pagan Wiccan jewelry.

Choosing the right wolf pendant for your necklace

amethyst crystal swarowski wolf necklace-american wolves

A wolf necklace needs a wolf pendant. Otherwise, it would just be a regular necklace. A pewter wolf pendant will help you stand out from the crowd. Unlike a wolf bracelet, a wolf necklace offers a wide range of design ideas. Natural labradorite and similar technologies are often found on women’s jewelry. The most famous design is the Amethyst Swarovski Crystal wolf necklace. It features an iridescent coating for sparks of colors and gives a good look to anyone who would wear it.

Different kinds of popular designs can be found in American Wolves wolf necklaces collection. The wolf head necklace is a famous example of an evil wolf. It is a very popular choice among the punk biker community. There are some negative connotations associated with the Howling wolf necklace: it is believed to be worn by many Satanists. In Turkish mythology, it is said that the wolf necklace can grant individual wishes. Such traits make this wolf charm elegant unisex jewelry.

norse viking emerald gemstones silver wolf necklace-american wolves

The wolf head on your necklace can feature gemstone beads (usually in the eyes of the animal). In the above image, the two emeralds contribute to the mystery of the gray wolf. The wolf’s eyes are, according to popular belief, healing stones found in Norse mythology and in Native American culture.

Why is a wolf necklace a perfect gift?

Best friends love to offer each other gifts. If one of you is a wolf lover, a wolf necklace will be an attractive choice. The best examples can be found on American Wolves home page. Simply send the wrapped wolf jewelry to your friend’s mailing address and watch happiness fill them when they open up their gift. If you shop for Mother’s Day, keep in mind that Men’s jewelry is often suitable for women. Any wolf necklace women carry can also be worn by men. This is why we did not separate our designs by sex. Looking at a man’s necklace will immediately let you know if you should consider a jewelry gift. 

Some people like to offer more personal gifts. A reversible pendant necklace would let you add a picture or a few words to your friend. These wolf necklaces are really popular on couple’s jewelry. For a better experience, try to keep the message short and use high-resolution pictures. The original price may be affected if you choose a customized necklace. And make sure you wrap up your gift with silver ribbons!

What to look for when shopping for a wolf necklace

The perfect wolf necklace is not only a nice wolf head or wolf tooth necklace, it also has the right fit for the owner. The condition and size of the necklace are the most important factors. The condition cannot be controlled since you are not the one making the necklace. At American Wolves, all our products go through a thorough inspection and quality control before being shipped. Depending on the product you are purchasing, and the item location of storage, you can also request a picture of it prior to shipping. Whatever results in our customers’ satisfaction will always be our priority.

The length of the chain should make the necklace comfortable to wear. Ideally not more than 20 inches so that if you usually wear jackets, the wolf pendant can still show if you decide to close it. 

The design of the wolf necklace should also be picked with care. You want to make sure that it is unique. The primary reason we choose a necklace design over another is that the necklace reminds us of the person we want to gift it. The carved outline of the head of a howling wolf can look exactly like your friend. We’re not saying that the person you’re offering the pendant to should have a wolf skull (unless you are friends with some wolves) but the traits of character could be alike. 

The popular image of the wolves is a family gathered around a strong couple with a predefined hierarchy. For the security of the pups, the alpha couple makes positive light shine on their family. Offering a wolf necklace is supposed to do the same thing.